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Report: Call Center Outsourcing Growing in Latin America

Report: Call Center Outsourcing Growing in Latin America

August 03, 2015

A new report points to Central America and the Caribbean as places that are seeing massive growth in the call center outsourcing market. This is especially true when talking about companies that are servicing foreign clients, rather than domestic markets.

Frost & Sullivan (NewsAlert) reports that the Latin American contact center outsourcing (CCO) markets hit revenues of nearly $11 billion in 2014, about a one percent increase over the previous year. At first glance, that growth might not seem entirely impressive but it should be noted that the growth in revenues is going on, even while Latin American currencies are seeing declines against the U.S. dollar.

One trend we have seen in the call center market in general is a renewed interest in customer service. The days of getting through as many calls as possible, with no regard for the success of those calls is officially at an end. Contact centers all over the world are finding new ways to make sure they are reaching customer service Nirvana. One of the best ways of attaining this Nirvana is by having those who contact the centers feel as though they are talking to an operator that literally speaks their language.

This is seen in the growth of the Latin American CCO market as well, because Frost & Sullivan says there has been an uptick in Latin American call centers serving as the outsourced provider of contact center operations for companies in another Latin American country. Most importantly, the report shows that CCO and outsourcing in general is being looked at with more positivity in the Latin American region these days. This means that companies in the area are working harder to make it easier for CCOs to operate in the industry and that will further spur quicker growth in the long run.

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