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OneLogin Integration with ServiceNow Helps Enhance the Security of Cloud Data

OneLogin, a specialist in providing identity management solutions has been certified for its integration with ServiceNow. This certification implies that OneLogin has completed a series of tests pertaining to integration interoperability, security and performance. It also ensures optimum quality in OneLogin’s integration with ServiceNow.

This integration will save a lot in time and money for organizations, besides enhancing the security of their data in the cloud when connecting to directories like Active Directory, LDAP and Workday to ServiceNow.

Together, OneLogin and ServiceNow serve several customers including Netflix, Interactive Intelligence and AAA, among others. Being an easy to use and secure solution, OneLogin serves the need of customers for a single sign-on (SSO) enterprise identity management. Also OneLogin for ServiceNow is offered for free for an unlimited number of users.

As OneLogin is entirely cloud-based, ServiceNow customers can start using it without installing new software or making any changes to appliances or firewall settings. The single sign-on (SSO) facility allows users to sign into ServiceNow with existing network credentials.

OneLogin allows ServiceNow users to sync in real-time with Active Directory or LDAP while the multi-factor authentication allows IT admin to augment security using OneLogin’s Mobile OTP App. The ServiceNow on OneLogin Mobile feature enables users to securely access ServiceNow from their mobile devices.

According to Thomas Pedersen, CEO at OneLogin, the end user experience of ServiceNow customers is enhanced with the easy access to ServiceNow which increases their productivity many fold. Also ServiceNow forms part of the 400 pre-integrated SAML-enabled SaaS applications that are available in OneLogin’s Application Catalog.

Asure Software a provider of workplace management solutions uses OneLogin’s cloud-based to help its customers to connect their internal directories to AsureSpace meeting room manager or AsureSpace resource scheduler with single sign-on (SSO).

OneLogin enables AsureSpace customers to easily connect their internal directories to Asure’s products so their employees can access both systems with SSO. Previously, Asure customers had to manually manage their users and a login was required. SSO functionality enhances productivity by simplifying the login process and eliminating the need for end users to track and remember more login credentials.

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