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Managed Methods Releases New Cloud Security Solution

Managed Methods has released a new cloud security solution that monitors communications between applications inside the business and those outside.

The free solution, Cloud Service Discovery, is aimed at security and IT professionals looking for a quick and comprehensive overview of their network by keeping track of high-risk communications.

As the company explained, “It tracks API messages at a detailed level, so you know exactly what information has crossed the firewall.”

“When talking with our customers, most have no awareness of what data is being exchanged with apps in the cloud,” added Don Bergal, COO of Managed Methods. “If you don’t know, that’s a problem.”

The biggest vulnerability for companies using the cloud is weak lines of communications and high risk traffic between applications, according to Managed Methods, whether this is responding to customers or dealing with partners.

Managed Methods claims that more than 65 percent of IT directors aren’t aware of what “outside systems are accessing data inside the network.”

“When apps connect to partners, suppliers, and customers in the Cloud, security in the enterprise can be vulnerable,” the company said.

“IT, Security and Compliance teams need to know what services and users are crossing between enterprise and cloud, and track the content that moves between the secure enterprise and partner ecosystems,” it added. “This is more serious than individual shadow IT users – these are outside apps touching internal data.”

Founded in 2007, Managed Methods is based out of Colorado and builds software for secure communications with a focus on Application Programming Interface, APIs. The company secured new funding last year to expand its operations and services.

The mission of Managed Methods is, ultimately, to find ways to make the process of conducting business in the cloud simpler and more secure.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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