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Outbound Communications Key for Expansion

November 05, 2015

While it seems that Internet shopping is helping drive down business at brick-and-mortar locations, there is one industry that’s doing just fine in a Web-driven age: Transportation.

Think about it: No matter what you order from an online site, somehow they have to get the product to you to complete the sale, and with drones not yet widely available, the transport industry is happily filling the void.

That may be one reason why a leading global transport company has just signed on with inContact, the leading provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, to update its outdated premises-based system. According to a release, the company – which, according to ongoing inContact company protocols was not identified — will utilize inContact’s complete solution, including network connectivity through a scalable cloud platform, to support its growing operations.

“With a worldwide distribution network second to none, this leading transportation company needed a functional, flexible solution to provide superior-level service to its customers,” noted inContact CEO Paul Jarman. “The versatile structure of inContact’s cloud platform, combined with our cost-effective billing model, are ideal for growing organizations to differentiate themselves and succeed in a global and competitive marketplace.”

According to both sides, inContact’s new customer will implement the multi-channel Automatic Call Distributor and fully integrated Interactive Voice Response solutions, key building blocks of the inContact Software as a Solution platform. “The ACD offers a universal queue for all multichannel interactions allowing the company to support customers in their preferred communication channel including voice, chat, email and social media,” the company said. “InContact’s integrated IVR system offers customers self-service options while ensuring their needs are addressed by the most skilled and appropriate agents.”

For outbound communications, the company will leverage inContact’s Personal Connection dialer to increase productivity by seamlessly connecting agents with clients while at the same time eliminating the tell-tale awkward pause of typical legacy dialers.

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