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Can the Cloud Call Center Help You Divert Risk?

In every business, there is always a level of risk. For the owner or business leader, their level of risk tolerance will often dictate decisions moving forward. It will also contribute to the decisions made on implementing new processes, launching new initiatives and engaging new partners. If the business is in the call center space, there are several considerations when it comes to risk.

For many, those considerations center on the cloud and whether or not it’s wise to make the move. In some cases, decision makers are worried about the risk they perceive exists with moving to the cloud. As data moves to an outside server, the assumption is that control is also handed over to the third party and the company is taking on more risk.

Data breaches are also getting considerable attention in the news, which makes business leaders nervous when they’re talking about inviting outside parties into their environment. Anytime someone outside of the organization is accessing the network, there is a chance the corporate infrastructure could be compromised.

With these considerations top of mind, when is it the right time to consider the cloud? Does it introduce more risk or does it offer a way to shift the risk to the provider? When you’re talking about cost, the latter is definitely true. The opportunity to move to a pay-per-use pricing model instead of investing considerable resources and capital in an in-house system is worth investigating.

This is especially true in a market where the competitive landscape keeps changing. New vendors are entering the market all the time and their pricing structures could be enough to shift customers in a new direction. In other words, the competition may be using the cloud-based approach to call center services and can therefore aggressively compete when it comes to pricing.

At the same time, updates, upgrades and maintenance of the system is so much easier when it’s on the part of the vendor and not managed in-house. If the opportunity to shift this responsibility exists, what’s the obstacle to launch?

Interactive Intelligence is exploring each of these elements and why the cloud offers less risk in an upcoming webinar, How Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud Eliminates Risk: A New Way of Evaluating Cloud TCO. Scheduled for September 30 at 11:30AM EST, this is one event that will help you explore the real factors that play into the cloud conversation. Don’t miss this opportunity – today.

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